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The Face Behind the Brand!

Shoutout ATL interviews owner Epiphany Jackson of ENJ Branding Digital Marketing Agency

Hi Epiphany, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?

I didn’t think; I just went for it! When I graduated from high school in 2011, as we all do, I was thinking, “what’s next”? College was a must for me. However, I had no clue what my major was going to be, I wasn’t interested in much at the time, and I didn’t want a summer job because I was transitioning to another state. When an idea came to me and my mother to start my first business Sweet Epiphanies’ Chocolate Boutique. I built my brand all through college on my own, created my logo, marketing/advertising content, and managed my social media. Once again, not thinking what I was doing much, I was. I was an entrepreneur! Honey, I was a baking graphic designer and digital marketer all in one. I had friends and even strangers (young and old) contacting me to help them create content for their businesses and learn how to become entrepreneurs. With that being said, I started my next company, ENJ Branding, to fulfill a need and to be whom I needed when I first started my business for someone else. My thought process was that if I could help someone accomplish their dream and make a part of the journey more comfortable, that would be enough for me. To read me more click the link:

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