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Dirty Scamp

Dirty Scamp aka Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Scampi was a random dish I made at my grandparent’s house when they wanted crawfish boil and I just wasn’t feeling it but I was craving Shrimp S

campi… so boom Dirty Scamp. Now, if this has already been created… whatever… let me have my moment. 🙃 Anywho, this dish is extremely delicious with a spicy cajun vibe to it. Give it a try. 💋

🦐 Meat:



🧂 Seasoning

Salt/Black Pep

Kinders Buttery Burger ( I put that 💩 on everything)

Liquid Crab Boil

Hot Sauce

Lemon Juice

Old Bay

Tony’s (if you’d like but not too much)

🧅 Veggies:


Minced Garlic

🍚 Pair with:





This is a “to taste recipe” after adding in meats, adjust seasoning to your liking.

Lemon juice is a must to cut in to that buttery flavor and it help with the flavor as well, you will not need a lot of salt in this recipe.

Partially cook your shrimp then add in after crawfish. DO NOT OVERCOOK SHRIMP.

💋 link to video here and here

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